Hi, I’m Susan Ball. I’m the founder and creator of Real Recovery After Abuse. My mission is to coach professional women like you through the process of healing from traumatic abuse so you can have true lasting freedom. And enjoy a new life.

Maybe you’re like me. You’ve tried recovery and counselling methods that just didn’t work. Perhaps they helped a little, or for a short period of time. But before long you found yourself living the nightmare all over again.

I’ve been there. Not only was it terrifying, but it was also frustrating and confusing. After all, didn’t I go through counselling? Shouldn’t I be better by now? What’s wrong with me? I started to blame myself all over again.

I knew something wasn’t right. There had to be a better way. And I was determined to find it. Because I wanted to be free. Once and for all. I was done being a victim. I longed to be free to enjoy my life. To feel safe, secure and excited about my future.

But here’s what you need to know. This is what I discovered after trying other abuse recovery programs that didn’t work. Traditional recovery methods fail because they don’t give you a way to heal the deep wounds of emotional trauma and psychological trauma. Both are necessary if your goal is to have real, lasting recovery after abuse.

When I discovered this, I knew it was the missing key. I needed an abuse recovery approach that would help me face the unhealthy patterns of behaviour I learned as a child and heal from them. I needed to address both my emotional and psychological trauma. I realized my early life experiences, abuse, and trauma all needed to be addressed in earnest if I wanted a sustainable life of freedom.

Equipped with that revelation, I began to take action. I blazed a new trail.

Through a series of small and sometimes scary steps, I learned how to authentically heal, discover my blindspots, accept my past, face my pain and manage my triggers. In the end, I had built an amazing, rich bold life for myself! I could not be happier.
And that’s exactly what I want for you.

Listen—as one who has been there, I’m telling you—you can start over again. You can recover from abuse and create a new life for yourself.

I’m living proof. And I’d be honoured to walk with you and show you the way out.

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