Recovery After Abuse Blog

Recovering from an abusive relationship means breaking the cycle, understanding how your childhood programming got you here, and releasing your old stories. Articles to get you moving forward.

Susan Ball | Jan 04, 2023

Healing from abuse is one of the most vital steps a person can take toward reclaiming their sense of safety and control in life.

Susan Ball | Nov 12, 2022

The discovery of an old unhealthy program brought to light on a recent flight

Susan Ball | Mar 06, 2022

Physical Abuse is not always a black eye. It comes in many forms and knowing what it looks like can save you from serious harm

Susan Ball | Feb 08, 2022

I was heavily co-dependant. The thought of being alone terrified and paralyzed me.

Susan Ball | Jan 10, 2022

Will you walk into my parlour sad the spider to the fly. Abusers work in the same way. False kindness masking their true ugly intentions.

Susan Ball | Jan 03, 2022

The Life Changing Impact When You Focus Forward

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