It is Physical Abuse When He....

Posted On Mar 06, 2022 |

Physical Abuse is not always a black eye. It comes in many forms and knowing what it looks like can save you from serious harm

***Trigger Warning****

I don't know how many times I said, "well, at least he didn't hit me"! It was a lot and the truly sad part was others said it to me or agreed with me.

I know better now and I'm aware that physical abuse has many forms.

  1. Driving like a demon - speeding and weaving, not listening to your pleas to stop = intimidation and the message: "I can harm you if I choose to"
  2. Hitting something near you - punching the wall next to your head = intimidation and a warning to not push because he could lose control and hurt you
  3. Throwing things at you!
  4. grabbing you by the front of your shirt and raising a hand or fist but not making contact
  5. Sex as a way of making up to him for making him so angry

All of these are physical abuse. They are signs he can cause you serious physical harm if he loses control. And it's up to YOU to make sure he doesn't lose it.

Intimidation - threats - holding you captive in a dangerous situation - expressing if he loses his temper, he has no idea what he's capable of

This is a tough topic but extremely important - it could save you from being assaulted!

Is it physical abuse when he..... Yes It IS!

I created a video chatting about this topic and you can watch it HERE

It's tough to believe that someone you love can cause you physical harm and I didn't want to believe it but he gave me all the warning signs and I let them go simply because he didn't hit me (yet).

With so much love,

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