Will I Ever Heal After Abuse?

Apr 06, 2023 |

A question I am asked daily. The answer is complex and personal. Video included to explain the intricacies of healing after abuse.

Or will I ever feel like myself again? Or be happy and whole after abuse?

The most common questions I get on daily basis. And it's a good question. After an abusive relationship, our worlds are upside down and mixed up. Our emotions are all over the place.

We simply want to feel good about ourselves, life, and our future.

But the answer is not simple. Healing is an individual journey with bumps and curves; smiles and tears. It's not a linear journey and can't be done in a week one do this then week two do this fashion.

Healing, and feeling healed, is a combination of many resources in your toolkit and each resource serves you!

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts about the video and about your healing journey.

This week's video is all about getting to know who you are - click HERE to watch and subscribe.

Love to hear your thoughts and how you're doing finding you!

Healing from abuse can be a difficult and emotionally taxing process. However, the personal growth and long-term benefits of healing are invaluable. With the right help and support, survivors of abuse can reclaim their lives and look forward to a brighter future.

I have first-hand knowledge of the power of healing and I know I wouldn't have created the amazing life I have now if I didn't take the courageous step and heal my past trauma.

You're worth it.

I know healing and recovery after abuse can seem overwhelming. I’ve been there with very little to no support.Here are two ways I can support you right now:

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