Christine Queerheart

R.E.A.L. Recovery After Abuse Specialist

My goal is to help all folks in their healing process; embracing their experiences of trauma and abuse to get to root causes, and break free from patterns that block them from becoming their true, authentic thriving selves. 

Christine Queerheart’s approach to helping clients heal is a holistic and transformative process. Embracing diversity and flexibility, she understands that the context of trauma is as individual as the process of healing. She describes herself as a truth seeker, an empath, an adult child of a dysfunctional family system survivor, an advocate and a feminist.  

Her journey to becoming a REAL Recovery After Abuse Specialist was the cumulative effect of living a life in toxic relationships. She has been affected by wounds of the heart, mind and spirit that entailed living with addiction, physical and emotional abuse as well as financial and narcissistic abuse.  

After nearly three decades of repeated cycles of abuse, she found recovery expert Susan Ball, which led to working with and eventually, training under her.

Christine has had a lifelong interest in health and wellness. Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder led her to explore a functional medicine approach to healing, the idea being that we can heal our bodies and minds by getting to root causes.  

Christine is a compassionate healer with over twenty years’ experience as a certified massage therapist and educator. She uses many modalities in her healing practice and firmly believes in the mind/body approach to healing. She has been a student of CBT, EDMR, TRE yoga and yoga for trauma. Currently, studying under Peter Levine, “How to Work with the Part of Trauma that Your Client Can’t Verbalize.”

She graduated with High Distinction from Indiana University. After which she pursued her Master’s Degree at The Institute for Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies at Georgia State University.

It is through her personal experience that Christine brings healing to others, understanding that excavating her wounds has led to her wisdom. She is a living example of the healing that is possible by getting to the root cause of one's trauma, healing the mind, body and spirit. When this occurs, one can begin to experience a life of freedom by deciding who one is and what one stands for.  

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