Abuse Recovery Coaching:
Helping You Create a Life with Joy

Let's Work Together to Uncover Your Opportunities and
Create a Joyful Life

You've already created a career, built a life which others see as successful, but inside you sometimes feel lost or unworthy.

Leaving a toxic relationship is huge, but the next steps can be just as hard; healing won't happen without pain. When you've reached this point though, you're not alone.

You are in control - You can create ALL you want -
You are Courageous

Work With Me

One to One Private Coaching - 3-Month Package

With personalized coaching, you will grow in courage and grace, learning more about your own strength even while digging through the pain of your past.

Together we will explore the tools I've developed and how you can use them to uncover possibilities in your own life - to look ahead with curiosity and adventure, leaving behind your fear.

Find your own vision, with courageous expansion you'll create a life you can love.

Sign up for a 3-month coaching package; I'll be by your side.

Cost - $1,650 US ($550 per month)

One to One Private Coaching - One-Off Session

You're ready for change but unsure what it will look like.

You'd like support and want to explore what that feels like for you.

Creating your future will be different for everyone, and it's possible you need a single session to talk about where you are and what you're looking for.

Find your own vision, with courageous expansion you'll create a life you love.

Take this first step with a one-off session; I'll be there for you.

Cost - $150 US

Online Learning - Resources to Support You

Helping you make the changes you need in your own life, explore ideas and resources which will support you on your journey

Courses Include:

REAL Recovery After Toxic Love Summit Interviews & Masterclass
Taking Back Your Power After Abuse
Closure After Abuse
Meditations and Journals

And visit my YouTube channel for a number of talks and masterclasses