Work With Susan

Abuse Recovery Expert

Ready to Break the cycle?
Ready to Live free from abuse?
 Want to embrace your future unafraid?
Ready to Attract Healthy Relationships?

R.E.A.L. Recovery After Abuse is a coaching program for professional women who are excited to break the cycle and live life unafraid after leaving an abusive, narcissistic or toxic relationship.

Recovering from an abusive relationship is no joke. It takes determination, commitment, and hard work. You know this by experience because you have tried and tried again. And I know because I have been exactly where you are. Feeling trapped with no way out.

But I’m here to tell you there is a way out.

The problem isn’t you. It’s the program. Other programs and systems fail you because they only address part of the problem. They failed me, too. Here’s what I discovered. True recovery is only attainable when you learn how to heal from both the emotional trauma and psychological trauma. When you own the truth and recognize your unhealthy patterns and break the cycle.

And that’s what makes R.E.A.L. Recovery After Abuse Coaching & Programs truly unique and effective.

Real Recovery After Abuse empowers you to:

    • Shift from victim to survivor
    • Gain strength through courageous vulnerability
    • Honour your emotions and power through triggers
    • Discover your blind spots and avoid traps
    • Heal deep wounds that made you vulnerable in the first place
    • Take back control of your life
    • Learn to dream again and be excited about the future

If you’re ready for freedom. If you want your life back. If you are ready to feel stronger than you ever have in your life and embrace a new normal—new way of life that empowers you to live unafraid and ready to have a bright future, then you’re ready for Real Recovery.

Why should you believe me?

Because I’m living proof.
I know exactly what it’s like to be where you are.
I know the pain of abuse first hand.
And found a way out.

I Want the Same for You!

One-to-One Private Coaching
3-Month Commitment

I will help you through every step of the healing journey that I myself have walked through.

With my unique, personalized coaching I will empower you with your own bespoke toolkit of resources that will bring a powerful shift in your life.

You will bounce back—better and stronger than ever. 

I’m confident of this! You will experience freedom, fulfillment, and true joy. Because you’ll have finally overcome your worst nightmare.

8- Week R.E.A.L. Recovery Program

Online Deep Healing Program
Starts January 9, 2022

    • Trauma Informed lessons based on the dual emotional and psychological healing occurring at the same time. You feel confused and foggy and the program will clarify why and how to push past the fog and clear the cobwebs
    • You'll Get Access to:
    • Tools to Own Your Story Honestly, Fearlessly, and Vulnerably
    • Workbooks Dedicated to the Weekly Topic
    • 8 Live Interactive Sessions with Susan
    • A Private Supportive Community to Boost Recovery

Imagine Your Feeling of Pride

Imagine the feeling of pride you will have from knowing you succeeded in finishing the hard work for recovery.

Imagine standing tall, confident, and unafraid, ready to explore your future.
Feeling free with a smile on your face.
It’s all within your reach.

It’s time.
Invest in R.E.A.L. Recovery After Abuse Program or Private Coaching with Susan.
It’s an investment in your future and your freedom and you are worth it.
You deserve to live a happy, fulfilled life.

What are you waiting for?