Ready to Heal, Grow, and Thrive Afer a Toxic or Abusive Relationship?

Join my supportive group coaching community built for women ready to Live Life Unapologetically, Find Healthy Love, and Know Exactly What they Want 

How would it feel to take a step away from your situation and breathe?  
To close the door and feel safe?
To look around and explore real opportunities for change?
 How would it feel to face your future unafraid, knowing you have support? 

Honour Your Past – Stay Grounded in Your Present – Be Focused on Your Future

Something brought you to this page today, so take this moment for you.

Maybe you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, trapped, or even scared, perhaps you’re just unsure – not able to say why things don’t feel right.

If your relationship is hurting you, damaging you, breaking you, now is the time to make that change.

The Courageous Woman Club will give you everything you need to stop this pattern and create a more positive future. Healing resources plus a community of supportive women who have been there and can help you during your toughest moments.

When you’re ready for REAL change in your life, join us in the Courageous Woman Club – for only $37 US per month/$370 US per year.

Live Lessons with Susan

LIVE bi-monthly group meetings and sessions with me, Susan First Tuesday and Third Sunday of the month

20 Minutes With....

Exlusive access to recordings with experts on topics to move you forward.

Courageous Woman University

Courses, exclusive journals, meditations, and healing resources available only to members.

Helping you move on 

Courageous Woman Community is based on the 12 steps I developed to give you REAL recovery.

These are steps that work, steps which have been practised by others before you and
you won’t have to take them alone.

Because REAL recovery is hard. 

Monthly Themed Workshops

November 2022 - Finding, Securing, and Embodying Safety
 December 2022 - How to Avoid Holiday Toxicity  
January 2023 - New Year - Time for Courageous expansion  
Feburary 2023 - My True Love is Me

March 2023 - Group Choice

November 1st at 6 PM ET
Are you coming?

All sessions, workshops, and guests are speficially designed to focus on your 
healing, growth and courageous self.
You can move on.
You Deserve healthy love.
You are worthy of living life unafraid.
You can be You Unapologetically.

This community has been created because you aren’t alone, others have done this before you
and will be there when it feels too hard.

Courageous Woman Community is for women who are ready to move from abusive toxic relationships
 to healing loving relationships.

You'll Get:

•  LIVE bi-monthly group meetings and sessions with me, Susan
First Tuesday and Third Sunday of the month

•  LIVE monthly workshops with incredible experts  

•  Monthly group Q & A sessions, with time to ask me questions
in a supportive compassionate space

•  Access to REAL recovery resources  

•  Access to the private members area, app, and the support of
those within it

Join us in the Courageous Woman Community – for only $37 US per month/$370 US per year.

I’m Susan Ball and I’m living proof that you can start over; you can recover from abuse and create a new life for yourself.

Coming from a life of toxic and abusive relationships, I didn’t take control until my partner tried to kill me.

Finally leaving that relationship, I still needed to be shown by a friend that it was up to me to make the changes which would make my life worth living.

Now I coach others to take the steps I took and create their own future.  Let me show you those steps. 

Be Courageous,  Create the Future You Want

Honour Your Past

However painful it feels, to move forward we will explore your past. You’ll learn from your experiences and build foundations which will give you the strength you need.

Stay Grounded in Your Present

With the courage which has got you here and the support of those around you, you can find joy in your new reality and create your future one step at a time..

Be Focused on Your Future

When you’ve been trapped it can feel impossible to imagine your future. When your past dreams don’t fit anymore, it might feel like you’ve failed. Now, you can create new possibilities focused on you - the REAL you – this is your future.

 “No more guilt, no more feeling the victim, no more tears. Now I truly know what real happiness is… Thank you for everything you have helped me with the last 18 months. I would never have had this exponential growth without your help.” M.E

 "It focuses more on the feelings and self-care rather than what is wrong with the narcissist and why they have been attracted to you. Yes, it is important, but we all need the next steps, not just the beginning ones. This is going to be a gamechanger." L.N.

Courageous Woman
Create Your Own Joy

When you’re ready for REAL change in your life, join us in the Courageous Woman Community – for only $37 US per month/$370 US per year.


Live sessions will be on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6 PM ET,  3 PM PT and the 2nd Sunday at 1 PM ET, 10 AM PT Don't worry if you can't make it - the sessions will be recorded and made available for all participants

You can unsubscribe at any time. I would hate to see you go but I understand. When you unsubscribe, you will no longer be charged the monthly fee. Yearly subscribers can unsubscribe before their 12-month period expires. There are no refunds.

You won't want to miss these sessions. They will either be on Tuesdays or Sundays at the same time as our regular meetings. However, in rare circumstances, there may be a change of day and time due to the expert being located in far corners of the world! You will be notified by email about every upcoming guest expert session along with the day and time.