Oh Fu$k! It's the Holidays

Taking Back the Holidays After Abuse, Divorce, and Trauma

After a breakup, divorce, death or just general fall out, the holidays can leave women feeling lonely, unwanted, confused, uninspired and down. This course will give you ideas and resources to find your joy and your unique sparkle.

What causes you to feel so lost during the holiday season and how can you put the magic back in the season for You?

Loneliness is an emotion and you will learn how and why it's time to get cozy with your loneliness

What are you hanging onto that needs to be released or modified?

Tips and tricks to put the sparkle back into your holidays and make them rock to your own tune! 

Course Curriculum

Oh Fu$k! It's the Holidays

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  • Yes, you can take back the holidays and put your special sparkle. Stop feeling lonely & start the loving the season

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