Heal Grow & Thrive After Toxic Love

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Free Virtual Event October 22 to 25 


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Surviving divorce, recovery, and moving on after an abusive, toxic, narcissistic relationship can be tough but it is possible to heal, grow, and thrive. Now is the time to be gentle with yourself, nurture self-compassion, and learn healthy ways to recover.

The Free Online Heal Grow & Thrive After Toxic Love event features top experts sharing their healing resources and tips for healing, breaking the cycle, knowing healthy love, saying no to toxic people, loving yourself first, and so much more.

Each expert session comes with a free gift designed to support your shift into
Living Your Life Unapologetically

Speakers Have Been Featured In


 Bex Burton

 Love Coach for Independent Women

 Attract and Grow Healthy Love without Losing Yourself

Marissa F. Cohen

 Best Selling Author, Speaker, Healing Coach, Top Podcaster and Radio DJ

 Healing From Emotional Abuse

Tracy Malone

 Author, Coach, Educator, surTHRIVER

Learning To Regulate Your Triggers After Abuse

Sherry Gaba

Licensed Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Author

Toxic Relationships, Trauma, and Obsessive Love

 Dr Gary Salyer

 Transformational Relationship Mentor

 Letting Go of Painful Relationships

Katrine Horn

 Life Coach & Dream Designer

  Feel Your Value Instead of Feeling the Victim

Caroline Pizza

 Love & Relationship Coach

Starting Over

Ronia Fraser

Trauma Recovery Coach

How to disconnect from the trauma bond 

 Dr Joe Rubino

 CEO, Center For Personal Reinvention

 The Importance of High Self Esteem in Recovery after Abuse

Tracy Principi

 Trauma and Nervous System Coach

 How Toxic Love is Born in Childhood

Heather Prince

 Certified Relationship Coach

Strip away your old relationship baggage for good

Robin Joy Meyers

Joy Architect
How Divorce Saved My Marriage

Self love is key to thriving after an abusive relationship

 Stephanie McAuliffe

 How we can use a toxic relationship for exponential personal awareness, growth and expansion.

Stephanie McPhail & David Charon

 Why we need to heal before starting a new relationship

Leah Hadley

 Founder/Senior Financial Planner

Strategies to Overcome Financial Abuse

Stefanie Fernandes

Owner and Founder of Parenting Power Unleashed

Breaking the cycle of generational trauma

 Deb Morgan

 Self-Love Enthusiast

 Self-Love: the Key to Stopping the Pattern of Abuse!

Ken Bechtel

 Author, Speaker & Mentor

 How Shame Can Set You Free to Live Unapologetically

Krista Resnick

 Master Boundary Coach 

Healing Your Boundaries

 Dr Robin Rise

Founder of Woman Optimized

Rising after the "Inequality Virus" and the "she-cession"

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