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Free Virtual Event July 8, 9, 10, & 11
Hosted by: Susan Ball Abuse Recovery Expert

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Surviving divorce, recovery, and moving on after an abusive, toxic, narcissistic relationship can be tough but it is possible to heal, grow, and thrive. Now is the time to be gentle with yourself, nurture self-compassion, and learn healthy ways to recover.

The Free Online REAL Recovery After Toxic Love summit features top experts sharing their healing resources and tips for healing, breaking the cycle, knowing healthy love and avoiding toxic love, divorcing, and so much more.

Each expert session comes with a free gift designed to support your shift into
REAL Recovery, Heal Your Trauma, and Break the Cycle.

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The Expert Speakers

Sarah Ramsey

 Life AFTER a Toxic Relationship

Angelena Lewis

 7 Common Signs of Toxic Love

Stephanie McPhail

 Creating your best life after a toxic relationship 

Michelle Johnson

3 Relationship Traps To Avoid 

Stacy Brookman

 Unleashed: How to cultivate, clarify, & connect your resilience story 

Ronia Fraser

 The proven Roadmap to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Aska Kolton

  Find Your Happy After Toxic Love

Macy Matarazzo

What's Your Energy of Availability: Healing & Tools to Receive Happy, Healthy Love 

Junie Moon

The Shadow Side Of Love

Tracy Malone

 Don't make these 5 mistakes divorcing a narcissist 

Rachel Grant

  The No BS Way to Kick PTSD to the Curb

Dr Rhoberta Shaler

3 Sure Signs it Was Never Love so You'll Never Settle Again

Caroline Strawson

 The 4 Trauma Responses To The Narcissist

Jacqui Pugh

 Permission to Feel

Kate Houston

  Empowered Woman
in Love

Gina Brogan

Navigating Your Post Traumatic Growth Journey Into Leadership

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