Radiance & Renewal

A Healing Retreat for Women, who are 
survivors of abuse, high-conflict divorce, or 
toxic break-ups.

Spend 7 days & 6 nights in Tuscany, Italy indulging in an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and healing.

May 25 to 31, 2025

Rediscover - Rejuvenate - Radiate
Your Journey to Healing and Renewal in the
Heart of Tuscany

Dare to live the life you’ve always wanted

Are you ready to step into healing, love, and
unapologetic living?

Join us at the Radiance & Renewal Retreat in the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, Italy. Benefit from healing workshops curated by Susan & Ashley Maria.

This life-changing experience is tailored exclusively for extraordinary women seeking profound healing after abuse. Women who want to embrace healthy boundaries, let go of old stories, and live their life self-full and unapologetically.

Ignite Your Future

About the Retreat

At the Radiance & Renewal Retreat, we believe that every woman deserves a sanctuary where she can heal, thrive, and rediscover her authentic self.

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, our retreat offers a safe, compassionate haven designed to rejuvenate your spirit and empower you on your journey to wholeness after abuse, high-conflict divorce, or toxic break-up.

It's time to ditch your shitty relationship pattern and say F$CK Yeah to Your New Life

Choose You - Your Future - Your Peace - Your Unapologetic Life

Step out of traditional recovery and into a space that embraces healing, empowerment, and a big fat dose of curiousity, imagination, and fun!

Healing is a journey to be enjoyed, not endured.

At Radiance & Renewal, Susan and Ashley Maria are going to give you the steps, resources, and encouragement to love yourself unconditionally, set solid boundaries for life, release your shoulds, and harness your individual courage to live a healthy, unapologetic, self-full life.

First-Class Workshops & Experiences

Photography to Get to Know Yourself Workshop

In this workshop, you will explore photography as a tool of self-discovery, personal expression and development. Photography changes our way of seeing the world, of feeling and perceiving reality. Knowing who we are and what we can achieve with that knowledge is essential for attaining happiness.  

As you explore getting to know yourself through photography, you will realize that your photographs can be a starting point for more authentic personal growth and creativity. 

R.E.A.L. Recovery After Abuse Workshops

Susan's personal experience and work with clients has led to the development of a powerful series of workshops all focused on editing social scripts, shifting from why me to for me, and putting the spotlight squarely on you and your wants, needs, and desires. You will be encouraged to rise above adversity, to step out of the victim space, reclaim your strong self-full voice, and be inspired to live free, fearless, and unapologetically! 

Express and Heal Through Art

Creativity has a profound healing power. At Radiant Renewal, Ashley Maria will support exploration of self through art. Adding art, doodling, and photography into your healing process will help you express your future in full colour, free of judgement.  You'll be encouraged to express your feelings in a safe and non-judgmental environment. This creative release fosters deeper self-understanding and healing.

Find Peace in Guided Meditations and Breathwork

Embrace the calming power of guided meditation and breathwork. Susan will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation. These practices help reduce anxiety, strengthen emotional resilience, and open up pathways to personal growth and self-love.  

Leisure, Exploration and Play Time

Plenty of leisurely time to explore, chat, read a book, paint, take photos. Unplug from the daily grind, turn off your phone (unless you're taking healing photos!), smile, laugh, get curious, and focus on you. You will have the healing benefit of living in the moment and opening yourself to all the possibilities that are waiting for you to reach out and take them. 

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Shared Room

Pay $2,750 in Full Now and you're all set to book your flight and start packing. We are excited to meet and support your healing.

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Private Room

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What's Included




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Meet Your Hosts

Susan Ball

Renowned for her expertise in healing after abuse, Susan is dedicated to empowering you with personalized coaching sessions. Discover the strength within you and embrace a brighter future.

Ashley Maria

A maestro in healing through art, Ashley will lead you through transformative creative sessions. Unleash your artistic spirit and witness the healing power of self-expression.

You don't need to live based on fulfilling other's expectations.

Live for yourself, love yourself and do not let them tell you that it is selfish.

Tell them you are self-full!

Are you ready to:

  • Spend 7 days and 6 nights in Tuscany indulging in an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and healing   
  • Immerse yourself in a carefully crafted sanctuary designed to guide you from survivor to thriver.  
  • Engage in empowering workshops and therapeutic activities set against the stunning backdrop of the Tuscany.  
  • Our expertly curated program focuses on fostering resilience, rebuilding self-esteem, and nurturing inner strength.  
  • Experience the transformative power of sisterhood as you connect with like-minded women on similar paths, creating a network of support that extends beyond the retreat.  
  • Radiance & Renewal is not just a retreat; it's a holistic haven where you'll rediscover your inner light and emerge stronger, empowered, and ready to embrace the amazing future that awaits.

Love from Retreat Participants

I liked the daily food for thought and interactions with new people who have experienced similiar situations and who add input and thought provoking questions to the mentors. Tons of thought provoking information and self reflective questions.


AVANTI 2023 Retreat

Avanti gave me a strong community filled with understanding and help available to better myself and create a brighter future. The workshops and one-on-one time with Susan were excellent. I loved enjoying meals and laughs with women who get it.


AVANTI 2023 Retreat

Feel the anticipation building? We certainly do!

Secure your spot and embark on this transformative adventure.

Radiance & Renewal has only 6 spaces available Don't be disappointed -
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Reserve Your Spot
Shared Room

Pay $2,750 in Full Now and you're all set to book your flight and start packing. We are excited to meet and support your healing.

Reserve Your Spot
Private Room

Pay $3,100 in Full Now and you're all set to book your flight and start packing. There are only 4 Private Rooms available - secure yours now


Cancel before February 15th - full refund
Cancel between February 16th and April 1st - 50% Refund
Cancel after April 2nd - no refund will be issued

Please let us know by email as soon as possible if you have any dietary restrictions. We will do all we can to accomodate. There is NO vegan option.

You’ll get a full packing list as we get closer. Tuscany will be warm in May. You will need cool clothes, sandals, swimsuit, and of course, sunglasses. 

Local wine will be included at some of our meals.