Sasha Samuels

R.E.A.L. Recovery After Abuse Specialist

Using my hard-won experiential wisdom as a survivor, I am committed to helping others along the healing path to full recovery and ultimately, to flourish in our strength, beauty, and authenticity.

Sasha Samuels is a certified R.E.A.L. Recovery After Abuse Specialist trained under Susan Ball,  and describes herself as a healing facilitator for survivors of narcissistic  abuse.

Her expertise includes a deep, experiential understanding of covert,  pathological narcissism as well as the multitude of techniques employed by  abusers.  

After recovering from a toxic relationship, she has made it her life’s work to  assist others along their healing path. Her approach includes somatic  modalities, tools to break the trauma bond that forms between abuser and  survivor, neurolinguistic programing techniques and healing through  creative expression.

She has studied with New York Times bestselling  author and psychologist Dr. Rick Hansen in techniques to build neurological  resilience.  

Sasha has extensive experience in familial cult dynamics, and was a guest  lecturer in Trieste, Italy, at the International Cultic Studies Association’s  annual conference. She has studied with Jungian psychologist Coeleen  Kiebert, with particular emphasis on collage creation and its analysis, as  well as sculpture. Sasha treats her clients with compassion, sensitivity and  respect, guiding them toward wholeness and well-being.

In addition to  being a Recovery After Abuse Specialist, she is also an internationally exhibited artist,  studying with masters both in the United States and in Italy.

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