Why Did I Stay and Put Up With Abuse?

Posted On Feb 08, 2022 |

I was heavily co-dependant. The thought of being alone terrified and paralyzed me.

Why did I keep putting up with abuse?

I was heavily codependent. Scared to death of being abandoned. Being alone made my heart race just thinking about it.

I had been operating from lack of self worth which caused me to put others needs before my own. I was so focused on what they enjoy or ensuring I didn't do what 'upsets' them, I was changing into someone else.

I had a heavy fear of abandonment. I was doing things so desperately to accommodate their needs, I forgot about my own. I lost myself, my voice, and my passion.

I continued to live in hope. Hope they'd realize how amazing I am. Hope that one day they will be the potential I see in them


Why was I WAITING for them to see how amazing I was!?! 

While I was waiting for others to see me and love me, I was abandoning myself - my wants, needs, and desires to please others. I was afraid to be abandoned but in reality, I was abandoning myself all along.

How did I stop abandoning myself?

  • By uncovering the fears that created my codependent traits
  • By loving my self unconditionally 
  • By setting and enforcing boundaries
  • By setting standards for my life and my relationships
  • By stepping out of victim mode
  • By saying Yes and No with equal grace and ease

I have stepped into the very best version of myself. And I have created an amazing life and a successful business supporting women all over the world who are ready to step into their big bold blissful life.

  • Don't be afraid to say no to people that don't serve you. 
  • Don't be afraid to say No to something you don't want to do or be part of. 
  • Don't be afraid to say No to a relationship that is draining the life out of you.

Free your voice. Be Brave. Be Bold. Be You. Break the Cycle.

Love yourself instead of the idea of other people loving you

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