Welcome to R.E.A.L.
Recovery After Abuse

Reclaim Your Power, Rebuild Your Life

Are you ready to shatter the chains and reclaim your freedom? It's time to rise above the ashes of your past and embrace the future you deserve.

At Recovery After Abuse, we empower women after abuse, guiding them from victims to survivors, and ultimately to courageously claiming their unapologetic voice, self, and life.

You are not alone in this journey.
Together, we will walk the path of healing, guided by the light of resilience and strength.
It won't be easy, but the hardest battles are the ones worth fighting.

Together, we will rewrite your narrative, reclaim your power, and build a foundation for a life filled with love, self-worth, and boundless possibilities. Break free from the shadows of the past and step into the light of your own strength. You are not just a survivor; you are a thriver. It's time to embrace your freedom and build the life you deserve.

Break the Cycle

No more shadows of the past holding you captive. Break free from the chains that once bound you, forging a new path towards healing and self-discovery. This is your opportunity to disrupt the cycle, to redefine your narrative, and to emerge as a beacon of strength and courage.

Step into Your Power

It's time to reclaim the strength that lies within you, waiting to be acknowledged and embraced. Release the chains of the past and step confidently into your power. Together, we will unravel the layers of pain, rediscovering the resilient warrior that dwells in your heart.

Where Love is Healthy

Picture a life where love is not a source of pain but a catalyst for growth and joy. Discover the beauty of healthy relationships and let go of the wounds that have held you back. Your journey towards genuine, fulfilling connections starts here.

Your Life Filled with Joy

Imagine a life filled with genuine joy, where every step forward is a celebration of your newfound strength. This is the promise of your healing journey—to rediscover joy, to embrace life's beauty, and to savour the sweetness of your own triumphs.

Break the Cycle.
Embrace Your Power. Ignite Your Future.

One-to-One Private Coaching

Welcome to a space where you are seen, heard, and supported. Together, let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Unleash your potential and let the world witness the resilient, radiant woman you are destined to become.

One to one coaching may be what you need to find your path, I'll walk you through the steps of your recovery, providing you with the tools you need. Together we'll focus on your wants, needs, and desires -- have you considered these before? You'll have the space to explore and embrace them. You'll have the space to find yourself. You will find safety and compassion.

Seize this moment as your chance to create a destiny where love is not only present but is also healthy and nurturing. Together, we'll work to build a foundation rooted in self-love, empowering you to attract the positive and uplifting relationships you deserve. 

I'm Susan Ball, Abuse Recovery Mentor

I've been through this myself; through a difficult childhood feeling unattached and unheard, through bad relationships which only ended with the threat of a violent death. I lived a life of abuse which didn't end until a friend helped me see I could create change for myself.

I've also worked through this with others. Supporting women through the steps which helped me; creating programs and coaching to explore the feelings and behaviours which are common and helping guide those who felt alone.

So, now I'm the founder of Recovery After Abuse, I'm also a best-selling author and a speaker on a mission to help women heal after abusive relationships.

My message is simple -- I want women to aim higher, learn to recognize how much they are worth, believe in themselves and establish healthy boundaries, beginning to dream again and love themselves unconditionally.

I want us to move away from language which presents women as victims and survivors, celebrating strength and positive action. I am a passionate, fierce cheerleader who encourages women to rekindle their joy and embrace their big, bold, blissful life!

 "Thanks to much one-to-one support from you, Susan, I am now living and working 30 miles away from the abuser. Your expertise, time, book, and workbook are all well worth the small investment; an investment that ultimately took my life in a whole new direction." KW

You are in control; you can create the future you want - take the steps you need today.