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You Can Recover after Abuse
You Can Heal Your Trauma
You Can Live a Healthy Life
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Recovery After Abuse Private One-to-One Coaching

Ready to truly recover from abuse, reclaim your future, and be resilient? My Recovery After Abuse coaching is all about you - your healing, your boundaries, your elevation and your resilience.

Recovery After Abuse 8-Week Deep Healing Program

A great place to start if you're not ready for private coaching. 16 Weeks combination online classes + weekly live Q & A with Susan. Group support and lots of love to build your self-worth and boundaries.

Hello! I'm Susan Ball

I'm the founder of Recovery After Abuse, an Abuse Recovery Expert, a best-selling author, and speaker and I’m on a mission to heal women after their abusive relationships.

My message is simple  - I want women to aim higher, learn to recognize just how much they are worth, believe in themselves and establish healthy boundaries, as they begin to dream again and love themselves unconditionally.

I am a passionate, fierce cheerleader who encourages women to rekindle their joy and embrace their big, bold, blissful life!

I work with professional women to master real Recovery After Abuse and create their best life after abuse, narcissism, and toxic relationships.

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No more guilt, no more feeling the victim, no more tears.  Now I truly know what real happiness is.  I plan to keep working on growth through your page.  Thank you for everything you have helped me with the last 18 months.  I would never have had this exponential growth without your help. 

Melinda E.


Have healed so much over the last year. Thank you for all of your support, I'm very grateful to you Susan.

Jen C.