Stop Talking About Narcissism

Posted On Sep 19, 2023 |

It has nothing to do with your healing!

**Shaking Up the Status-Quo Post**

It's time to stop talking about narcissim! According to all the pop-psychologists out there pretty much everyone is a narc and needs to be booted from your life. This is NOT true.

Now women and men are stuck in unhealthy, abusive, toxic relationships while they analyse and diagnose the narc! Stop - just stop!

The unhealthy focus on narcissism, has created negative shifts in how we see what's happening in our lives. 

Time for clarity:

  • Everyone you dislike is not a narcissist
  • A lie is not gaslighting
  • Liking your home to be tidy and clean doesn't mean you have OCD
  • Every unpleasant experience is not trauma
  • Having healthy needs does not make you codependent
  • Disagreement is not gaslighting
  • Conflict is not abuse
  • Taking offense is not being triggered

Every negative in your life, every little awkwardness or discomfort doesn’t need a self diagnosis and a support group which justifies staying stuck and gives you an excuse not to grow, change, look within, and challenge yourself.

We are human - shit goes wrong shit goes right

I did go down the rabbit-hole and I've done a video about why I went and what I thought it accomplished and how I now see it as a black hole of nothing. 

There is no healing in the look, it's a narcissist space. It's time to stop putting the focus on diagnosing the other and start to look at you - 

what needs to shift in your life? 

How can you make the change happen? 

What can get curious about? 

What do you dream about and how can you put the plan in place to make it happen? 

What do I need to do to start over again on my own?

Let's shake off pop-psychology and begin talking about Healing - deep, reflective, foward-focused healing.

Thoughts and comments are welcome and I know some will agree and some won't, and that's cool

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